Financial Success

"Build wealth rather than riches"

Greetings, esteemed audience! We acknowledge your unwavering determination, curiosity and readiness to succeed in your relationships with others. Embarking on such a life-time journey is truly commendable.

In this course, we will learn how to achieve financial freedom, acquire financial management skills and become resourceful in all aspects. We will also explore planning tools, strategies, and opportunities for productivity and resourcefulness.

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Thank you for joining us on this transformation and enlightening journey. Together we will strive for relational growth and fulfillment. CHECK OUT SEASON 1 BELOW!


Season 1

In this season, we’ll delve into fundamental principles towards achieving financial freedom. We will discuss common errors and misguided financial principles that you must avoid if you aim at building lasting wealth instead of mere riches.

Upcoming Episodes

Building Wealth- EP.1 🔏

Learn the difference between “building wealth” and “building riches”. These differences play a crucial role when making financial decisions.

Types of Investments - EP2 🔏

Learn how to explore the landscape of investment by understanding various types of investment options and their impacts on your financial pursuit.

Planning and Budgeting - EP3 🔏

Learn how to master the principles of planning and budgeting so you can managing your resources effectively and efficiently. 

Side Hustles & Passive Income - EP4 🔏

Learn how to achieve financial freedom and stability through passive income opportunities and smart investments that would generate greater financial freedom and stability. 

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