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“I believe in productivity and understand the importance of planning. It’s time to take control of your life and start working towards your goals with intention and purpose. 

A big reason why people struggle is because they fail to plan effectively. Planning doesn’t mean controlling everything, but it’s about making smart choices for your life. 

When you don’t plan, you’re basically planning to mess up. So, plan with wisdom and allow God to establish your plans according to His will.

This productivity guide is design to provide some useful insights, wisdom and advice from what I have learnt through my own personal experiences over the past years.

📝 How I Stay Productive?

I often get this question a lot “How do you stay productive with everything you got going on and still do what you love”. Well, here are some simple planning tips I follow and might help you:

  • Live within your means: Just like how all fingers are different, we all have different needs and wants. I do not commit to things outside of my reach. This prevents unnecessary stress and problems. 
  • Spend wisely: Make a budget for each week or month to know where your money goes. I use tools like Google Docs or spreadsheets to do this, especially for huge investments. It helps avoid mistakes and prepares you for the future.
  • Help others: Besides paying tithe and offerring, use your time and resources to help people in need. This is important because if you’re responsible with little things, you will learn how to maintain better things.
  • Set goals: Think about what you want to achieve in the next month or year. It could be saving money, doing better in school, or learning a new skill. Goals help me to stay focused on my vision.
  • Worry less: Do not stress about thing outside your control. I work towards things within my control and pray for things outside my control. This is healthy for you.
  • Learn: Learning comes in different forms. However, strive for excellence not perfection. You must never get tired of learning new things in order to unlock your full potentials.

To learn more about planning various aspects of your life, check out my “5-Fold Success Course”.

🧎🏾‍♂️ How I manage my mind?

Biblical Meditation is one of my biggest secrets for success. Believe it or not, you can’t become better than how you think. Today, lots of people want to do well, but they feel stuck in their thoughts. 

For many years, I struggled with depression, worrying a lot, and low self-esteem. I didn’t realize that the first step to getting better is in your mind. That’s why the Bible talks a lot about “changing how we think” (Romans 12:1-2, Joshua 1:8, Philippians 4:8). 

I’m not just talking about doing something once in a while, but doing it regularly. Thus, your mind becomes full of divine wisdom and revelations that make you better.

Every time is a good time to think this way, but you have to decide and make it a habit. I might not be able to make you understand how important this is, but I hope you can try it every day. 

 Learn more about practical mind management strategies and biblical meditation to help you maximize your full potential.

how I manage my my mind through biblical meditation

📚 How I Study?

Love for learning is crucial for your success. No matter what your area of interest is, if you want to be truly exceptional and achieve your full potential, you will always need to expand your knowledge by learning new ideas and skills.

Here are five fundamental principles I implement: “LBISH”

  • Learn: I don’t just read; I learn. Many people read, but not many people actually learn. What you learn will impact you and those around you.
  • Bullet points: I use key phrases and mental images to remember what I am learning. This helps with long term retention and memory.
  • Identify: I identify areas of strength and build upon them. This paves the way for creativity and growth.
  • Simplify: I simplify my work in the most basic way possible. Complexity destroys growth. Try to be simple as possible.
  • Help: I do not know everything, so I am always ready to ask for help. You need the right people to help you achieve your goal.

Whether you are a student or not, these key principles are vital for any learning experience. You can read more about intellectual success here.

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