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No matter what your skill level is, we all agree that having the right tools is crucial. These tech items can kick-start your journey towards being more productive.

My Tech World

As a visionary, I often face challenges turning my ideas into reality due to lacking the right tools. Having the proper tech tools can make your tasks more effective and efficient. Here’s a rundown of the tech I regularly use, benefiting both my studies and work endeavors.

If you are a beginner, you definitely don’t need all of this to get started. Start small and grow from there.

Disclaimer: I DO NOT SELL these products. These affiliate links should take you directly to an amazon store or the manufacture itself. Please refer to our disclaimer policy for more detail.

We live in a world where technology is rapidly changing our generation. If you’re like me and think about the future, helping more people, even beyond where I live, is very important. 

Having a website helps you get started. All you need is a website builder and a website host to get started. There are many of them out there. 

But I used WordPress as my website builder and Hostinger as my website host. Based on my research and needs, they are more reliable and affordable.

Building a website can be time consuming. It took me about a month to learn how it works. But you can hire a web designer if you can afford one. I’ve received a lot of compliments about this website. I might create a tutorial video or provide my website template to help you get started. 

Laptop - MacBook Pro

Whatever you are doing, having a quality laptop or desktop is very important. This is the first MacBook I bought in 2020. It was a huge upgrade from my previous laptop

I use it for both school and work. If you have other apple devices and love a simple workflow like me, investing in a MacBook like this is worth it.

Keyboard - iClever BK 10

This is an awesome bluetooth keyboard that I use for work. It’s rechargeable and connects to multiple devices, which makes my life so much easier. I usually pair it with my Vivo all-in-one stand so I switch between different devices without any hassle. 

Also, a cord or cordless keyboard mouse life so much easier especially when editing videos.

Phone - iPhone 12 Pro Max

I have been using this phone since 2020 for both work and personal needs. This was also a huge upgrade from my previous iPhone 10 I bought in 2019.  

I don’t usually like to upgrade phones unless it’s very important. And so far it works perfectly fine,

Headphones - Apple AirPods

Besides the professional Audio-technica ATH-M20X headphone I used for podcasting, I also used the 2nd generation apple AirPods mostly for my personal needs. They are easily portable and comfortable to use at anytime. 

Apple iPad & pen

So, if you’re a student or if your work requires you to make lots of molecular structures and diagrams, an iPad would definitely come in handy. 

As a Bio-chemist and researcher, I kinda regret not getting one earlier! You can definitely start off with a basic iPad and pen, they work just fine. Personally, I’m planning on getting one soon mostly for work reasons.

Speaker - JBL Charge 4

Lastly, I have to mention this JBL speaker. I got it in 2020 for my travels and to use while giving haircuts to my clients.

It has over 20 hours of playtime, and even a USB port to charge other gadgets. JBL has always been a reliable brand. In general, I don’t think you can go wrong with any JBL product.

While there are countless tech products on the market, these are some of the tools I find particularly useful in my day-to-day life.

Whether you are a student or an individual pursuing your dreams, always remember that success is not tied to the size or price tag of your tools, but to your willingness to begin. Start small with what you have and build from there. 


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