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Productivity Guide 💯

As a productivity nerd, I’m always hunting for new skills, and techniques to be more productive in everything I do. From managing my time wisely to trying out new methods, I’m all about making life simpler and more productive.

Stick around, and let’s explore different productivity resources and practical ways you can make your life better no matter what stage you are in life.

This page is always an up-to-date list of resources and practical steps you can implement. I also share affiliate links for some of the resources I mentioned for easy access. REMEMBER, IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO START.

My Side Hustles
  • Nannying
  • Barbering
  • Tutoring
  • Others
  • How I stay productive
  • How I plan
  • How I manage my mind
  • How I Study

Learn how to create YouTube videos – 

  • My camera
  • My recording device
  • My dynamic mic
  • My studio headphones
  • My mini studio decor 
  • My lights
  • My editing software
  • Helpful tools to have

Here are the tech I use for school and productivity – 

  • How I built my Website
  • My keyboard
  • My AirPods
  • My laptop
  • My phone
  • My Mouse
  • The apps I use daily

My Side Hustles

Life has different stages we must go through. Some are good, some not so good, but they all teach us valuable lessons for the journey ahead. 

I’ve done these side hustles before to help meet my needs. These are worth considering, especially if you’re a student looking for ways to make extra money on the side.

🧺 Nanny

One of the most exciting things I did while I was a student was being a nanny. I was a nanny for about 2 years. As a nanny, you take care of kids and help families with their chores, all while making extra money for yourself.

Exploring this opportunity as a side hustle is certainly worth your consideration because:

  • Easy to Find: Nanny jobs are available in many places, even though the rules might differ from one country to another. Families often need help, and if you’re dependable, you’ll probably find a job.
  • Flexible Schedule: Nanny jobs let you pick when you work, so you can fit it around your classes and study time. This makes it easier to do well in school while earning money.
  • Kids Interaction: Being a nanny means you get to spend time with kids, which helps you become better at dealing with people. You learn how to be patient and understanding, skills that are useful in all parts of your life.
  • Personal Growth: Nanny jobs help you grow as a person. You learn how to handle responsibilities, solve problems quickly, and do many things at once. These skills are important for your personal growth and future career.

💈 Barbering

I started my journey as a barber back in 2019. I taught myself how to cut hair practicing and watching youtube videos., while also handling my studies and other things.

Learning to be a barber can help you earn more money because people always need haircuts. As you get better and have regular customers, you might even think about starting your own barbershop or offering special services, which can bring in even more income.

You can do it too if you put your mind to it. Just remember, everything big starts small. Below is a picture of me giving a haircut to my friends in our school’s bathroom. Let that inspire you.

👨🏽‍🏫 Academic Tutoring

Learning and teaching others has always been important to me. When COVID pandemic hit, I decided to help students with math and science. Being a tutor means explaining things that are tough for them. This helps them do better in school. 

This extra job helped me connect with young kids and families, and also gave me extra money while helping others do well in their studies. You can do the same. You could teach a skill or something new that could help others.

Read More: “Intellectual Success” is a free course where we explore how to pursue educational excellence, acquire skills, and foster a lifelong love for learning. In this course, I provide practical ways to identify and effectively utilize your skills and talents for increased productivity and fulfillment. Check out the course and sign up for updates when new lessons come out.

My Productivity Guide

A big reason people struggle is because they don’t plan well. Planning doesn’t mean controlling everything, but it’s about making smart choices for your life. When you don’t plan, you’re basically planning to mess up. So, plan with wisdom and allow God to establish your plans according to His will.

Click here to learn simple strategies I use to plan and stay productive.

My Youtube Gear & Set-up

I never thought I’d be making digital content to help others, but as a visionary, I turn my ideas into reality. When I first had this thought, I spent hours researching affordable and top-notch tech gears for productivity and efficiency. 

You don’t have to do the same. I’ve put together a complete list of my YouTube gears to help you kickstart your own journey of creativity and impact. 

My small YouTube dorm studio and gears

My Tech World

For a while, I faced challenges turning my ideas into reality due to lacking the right tools, especially for my academic pursuits. You may not always need the most expensive tech.

Having just the proper tech tools and devices can make your tasks more effective and efficient. Here’s a rundown of the tech I regularly use, benefiting both my studies and work endeavors.

My Tech World


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